Peach, Plum & Hybrid Rootstocks

Note: rootstock descriptions are for reference only. Dave Wilson Nursery does not offer rootstock for sale.


Extremely vigorous, nematode resistance similar to Nemaguard, productive, increases fruit size. May be intolerant of wet soil conditions, delays fruit maturity in some varieties. Used mainly for almonds. (Zaiger)


Peaches and nectarines dwarfed to 8 to 14 feet. Apricots and plums dwarfed to 34 of standard. Very tolerant of wet soil, induces early dormancy in dry soil. Very winter hardy. Resists root-knot nematodes. Trees bear at young age. (Zaiger)

Hansen 536

Vigorous, with excellent anchorage and few root suckers. Some resistance to root-knot nematode, very tolerant of saline and alkaline soil conditions. For almonds.


More tolerant of wet soils than Nemaguard. Also more cold hardy. Susceptible to nematodes in sandy soils. For plums, peaches, nectarines, apricots, prunes, almonds.

M40 Marianna

Similar to Marianna 26-24, but having a deeper root system, better anchorage and fewer suckers. Used mainly for prunes.

Marianna 26-24

Shallow root system, much more tolerant of wet soils than Lovell or Nemaguard. Resistant to oak-root fungus, root-knot nematodes. Mature trees comparatively small. For apricots, plums, most almonds.

Myrobalan 29C

Shallow but vigorous root system. Tolerates wet soils. Immune to root-knot nematodes, some resistance to oak-root fungus. Trees reach larger size compared to Marianna 26-24. For apricots, plums and prunes.


Vigorous, resists root-knot nematode. Excellent for well-drained soils. In poorly-drained soil, plant on a hill. For nectarines, apricots, plums, prunes, almonds.


Well-anchored tree, highly resistant to root-knot nematode, resistant to oak-root fungus and Phytophthora, tolerant of saline and alkaline soil conditions. For almonds, nectarines, peaches.

St. Julian “A”

Semi-dwarf rootstock for cold areas with fluctuating spring temperatures due to inconsistent spring weather conditions. Preferred over Citation in north coastal mountains and Oregon.


Titan almond x Nemaguard peach hybrid seedling. Advantages: extremely vigorous, may have root-knot nematode resistance, considered well anchored, tolerant of calcareous soil conditions. Disadvantages: trees may be excessively vigorous on good soil, may delay maturity of fruit, more susceptible to crown rot than peach seedling rootstocks, intolerant of wet soil conditions. Not presently used by Dave Wilson Nursery.


Vigorous, well-anchored, precocious, productive tree, fruit size increased. Highly resistant to rootknot nematode, tolerant of ring nematode and bacterial canker, more tolerant to high pH/saline than peach rootstocks. Shows tolerance of wet soil conditions. For almonds, apricots, nectarines, peaches, plums. (Zaiger)

*Important note: trees on peach x almond hybrid rootstocks including Atlas and Viking are very sensitive to dehydration. While planting keep roots damp; irrigate after planting.

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