Pear Rootstocks

Note: rootstock descriptions are for reference only. Dave Wilson Nursery does not offer rootstock for sale.

Winter Nelis / Domestic Pear Seedling

For European and hybrid pears. Vigorous, relatively tolerant of wet soils. Resistant to oak-root fungus. Long-lived trees reach 20-25 ft.


For European, Asian and flowering pears. Vigorous, widely adapted, disease-resistant. Winter hardy, tolerant of wet soils. Not presently used by Dave Wilson Nursery.


European and Asian pears on OHxF333 are dwarfed to about 23 the size of standard, or about 12-15 ft. Widely adapted, disease-resistant.


For flowering and Asian pears. Very vigorous, tolerates wet soil, dry soil, alkaline soil. Resists pear decline. More vigorous than Calleryana, and more winter hardy.


For flowering pears and Asian pears. Preferred rootstock for warm winter/hot summer climates and for sandy soils. Also adapted to wet soils. Asian pear varieties slightly dwarfed, bear heavily at young age.

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