Fruit Tree Planting Season is Here!

Retail sources for Dave Wilson Nursery plant varieties have been updated for the 2018-19 season. See the Where-to-Buy DWN Trees page for links to lists of retail nurseries, the plant varieties they have ordered, and location maps. The “Variety Finder” shows retail sources for each DWN variety.

Deliveries to retail nurseries have begun for potted items. Bareroot deliveries occur mid-December thru March.

When deciding what to plant this season, be sure to consider the easy-to-grow fruit types, especially figs, jujubes, persimmons and pomegranates.

Where adapted,these recent Zaiger Genetics/Dave Wilson Nursery introductions are especially recommended:

New in the DWN home garden catalog this year is a collection of fruiting varieties previously grown by L.E. Cooke Nursery, including the varieties listed below. A few more are expected to be available for 2019-2020. L.E. Cooke has left in place the valuable plant description pages of their website: especially interesting are the histories of their introductions.

Varieties Previously Grown by L.E. Cooke Nursery:

Autumn Royal Apricot
Shanxi Li Jujube
Montrose Apricot
Black Beauty Mulberry
Tropic Gold Apricot
Galaxy White Peach
Bali Sour Cherry
Peachy Keen® Peach
Kansas Sweet Sour Cherry
Monterrey Pear
Compact Stella Cherry
Pineapple Pear
Mona Cherry
Fuyu (Imoto) Persimmon
GA 866 Jujube
Inca Plum
Honey Jar Jujube

Just starting with home fruit growing,or not yet committed? Introduction to Home Fruit Growing.

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Photo: Li Jujube with fruit set in the nursery row at Dave Wilson Nursery, Hickman, CA. Trees grafted 3-28-18; photo taken 10-29-18.

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