Where to Buy DWN Home Garden Fruit Trees 2017-2018

Fall-winter wholesale division shipping season has begun, with deliveries of Dave Wilson Nursery potted fruit varieties well underway. The Where to Buy pages and Variety Finder have been updated with retailer orders for the 2017-2018 season, and they are now integrated with Google maps to show retailer locations. Easily accessible are maps of DWN retailers nearest a specific ZIP Code and retailers that carry a particular DWN variety. If you are new to fruit growing or just starting to think about it, we suggest you begin with these pages:

[Introduction to Home Fruit Growing]()
Backyard Orchard Culture
Backyard Fruit Tree Basics (video)
DWN Home Fruit Growing Q&A

Folks deciding which varieties to plant may want to consider the latest Zaiger Genetics introductions listed below. When choosing varieties, of course, always consider first those fruit types and varieties adapted to your climate.

New & Recent DWN Introductions from Zaiger Genetics

Royal Crimson Cherry   low chill, self-fruitful, blooms with Minnie Royal and Royal Lee
Sauzee Swirl White Peach   Peento-type (flat-shaped), scrumptious
Miniature Interspecific White Nectarine  the first white-fleshed genetic dwarf nectarine!
Ghost Apple   white fruit, ghostly-looking in the tree
Candy Heart Pluerry™   state-of-the-art interspecific plum+cherry, complex flavors
Sugar Twist Pluerry™   state-of-the-art interspecific plum+cherry, sweet with a twist

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