Bareroot Handling Tips

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To ensure the best results with your Dave Wilson Nursery bareroot trees, here are a few suggestions:

• Upon receiving your trees, immediately heel them in to moist shavings or sand. The root system must stay covered and moist at all times. It is also beneficial to mist your bareroot trees during prolonged dry periods.

• Have the necessary supplies ready to display your trees. Have your bins for storage/display or pots and soil at the ready for potting. When potting your trees be sure to use the highest quality soil mix available. Also take advantage of all the Dave Wilson Nursery marketing material available (picture tags, bin tags, harvest charts and banners). Informative, well signed displays will lead to increased sales!

• We strongly suggest a retail grade dormant pruning on all fruit trees, especially on almonds, peaches and nectarines. It is imperative to uniformly top and thin the branching structure on stone fruit to insure a healthy vigorous tree. SEE OUR INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO ON RETAIL PRUNING.

• DORMANT SPRAY- Your Dave Wilson Nursery fruit trees have had 2 treatments of dormant spray before leaving our yard. As you know, the most important time to prevent leaf curl is to dormant spray right before bud break. Thus, it is imperative for you or your customer to apply that final dormant spray just before bud break. This should also be done with all of your fruit tree stock. Here is a handout from UC Davis on their recommendations for dormant spray.

By following these proven recommendations, the finished quality and overall health of your fruit trees will be greatly enhanced assuring you a successful bareroot selling season.


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