Grow Notes - October

For Home Orchards

Apply a fresh topping of mulch around your trees to protect the shallow feeder roots from seasonal extremes. Keep the mulch pulled back two inches from the trunk, extending the mulch to six inches beyond the drip line of the tree.

As late apples are harvested, be sure to clean unusable, fallen fruit from beneath the tree’s canopy. Removal and disposal of wormy apples can break the life cycle of codling moth.

Gardeners with a hankering for a specific peach or apple like grandma used to grow, or having a taste for global cuisines—fruits from Asia or the Middle East—can order from DWN's extensive list of varieties. Adventurous fruit growers looking for the newest hybrid crosses, NectaPlum®, Aprium®, Pluot®, Pluerry™and Peacotum™can experiment to their heart’s desire!

Go to Where to Buy DWN Trees for a list of Special Order Fruit Trees and participating nurseries. The deadline for SOFT orders is early November, so don’t delay.


Water and Mulch
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