Top DWN Home Fruit Varieties in 10 States

Learning how to grow the best possible tree-ripened fruit at home can be one of the most rewarding of hobbies. Obviously, a key step in going from bare ground to your first harvests is choosing suitable fruit types and varieties to plant – a step enjoyed by many beginning growers. It can be a daunting task at first, however. Dave Wilson Nursery grows over 540 fruit and nut varieties for home planting!

Folks that are new to backyard fruit growing should read Introduction to Home Fruit Growing and Selecting Varieties & Rootstocks including the additional linked pages. And now, there are fruit variety selection reference lists for 10 (now 11) western and near-western states.

The top DWN home fruit varieties for each state are considered to be those varieties ordered for the latest season by the greatest number of retail nurseries in the state. These lists of most-ordered varieties are offered as starting points for researching and choosing fruit varieties to plant. Home grower objectives, local climate and pollination requirements should always be considered. See Most-Ordered DWN Home Fruit Varieties by State.

Beyond the most-ordered varieties, virtually all DWN home fruit varieties have something special about them: a regional favorite; early or late harvest; a particular growth habit; pest and disease resistance; climate adaptability; heavy production; fruit that is unusual or of exceptional eating quality when well-grown or good for cooking; a particular combination of desired characteristics. Best-sellers and leading specialty fruit varieties are listed in Backyard Orchard Trees for 2021.

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