Maturity Date:September 15 to September 30
Chilling Hours:800-1,000
USDA Zone:5-9
Sold Out Of State:Available Upon Request
Container Type:Bare Root

One of the favorite home orchard varieties in Oregons Willamette Valley since the 1940s. Dependable crops of firm, very juicy, slightly tart, high quality fruit for dessert and cooking. Tree-ripened fruit keeps well, fruit picked slightly green ripens and develops fruity aroma in storage, reaching peak quality after 2-3 months. Medium to very large size, shape varying from flattened to conical. Yellow green skin blushed and streaked with dull red, some russeting. Best quality in mild fall areas and when tree is not over cropped. Ripens after Jonagold, mid to late October in Western Oregon. Large, vigorous tree with spreading, somewhat willowy growth habit. From a cross of Red Delicious and Jonathan made in Ohio, introduced in 1944. Mid to late season bloomer, good pollenizer for other apples. Estimated chilling requirement 800-1000 hours; proven very productive in trial with much less. Partly self-fruitful, biggest crops with cross-pollination. USDA Zones 5-9.

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