Merchandising Can Make The Difference


  • Hang Picture Tags on all trees whenever possible.
  • Use Bin Tags or large variety photos for easy ID of varieties.
  • Attract interest with bright signs.
  • Consider a Banner to draw customers to your fruit tree area.
  • Re-evaluate the location of your product. Prominent display-bins or a “Feature” area will improve sales!
  • Observe the seasonal merchandising strategies of department stores and use similar techniques.
  • Visibly promote Backyard Orchard Culture and high density planting in the bareroot sales area.
  • Sell three or four trees per customer instead of one. Use pictures and diagrams of planting options.
  • Put together a 3-or-4-in-1-hole planting in a 24-inch box and price it to sell.
  • Cross-merchandise your product. Stock mulches, top-dressings, and related goods with your bareroot display.
  • Use visual reminders to recommend related products.
  • Mark a bin with Our Favorites or House Varieties. Fill it with selections that are Taste Test Winners and proven varieties in your area.
  • Recommend great non-commodity varieties and set yourself apart from the chain stores!

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