Selling Your Program

  1. Emphasize variety names
  2. Offer a wide selection
  3. Compare Taste Test Winners
  4. Mention the New Varieties

When the big-box stores advertise a lower price-point, let your customers know that you carry the widest selection and the best varieties. Shift the attention away from comparisons of can-size and price.

Give your customers a shopping list in print advertising and with your newsletters: Name all the fruit varieties you carry.

Make sure your sales crew is comfortable with Backyard Orchard Culture principles.

You can request our in-house 5-page guide: Selling Backyard Orchard Culture.

Be ready with sales aids! These tools can turn an awkward moment into a smooth sales presentation.

Keep your Custom Handouts and Description Books handy to answer variety questions.

Update your photo album with current variety photos. If you don’t have a photo album, start one Now!

Prepare a planting guide with information on soil types and adapted rootstocks, recommended amendments and how to use them. Include spray and feeding instructions. Merchandise the related items with your bareroot trees.

Use Harvest Date Charts and Fruit Tasting Reports in the sales area to promote successive ripening and Taste Test Winners.

Use the Low Chill List to narrow the selection of varieties suited to low chill conditions.

Promote fruit tree care seminars at your nursery and you’ll build a solid customer base. Use newsletters and handouts.

A list of web page links for information and a FAQ handout are effective tools.

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Selling Backyard Orchard Culture

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