Videos For Home Fruit Growers

Below is a playlist of recent videos for home fruit growers. For all DWN videos (135+), visit the DWN Youtube channel.

How to Find Dave Wilson Nursery Trees
How to Find Dave Wilson Nursery Trees
uploaded December 3, 2021
Tom Spellman walks you through the simple process of using our website to find our trees. Find a retail nursery near you, or a mail order source. You can even search for our trees and vines by variety name. Go to and find your fruit!


DWN Fruit Tour June 2021
DWN Fruit Tour June 2021
uploaded June 25, 2021
In the DWN orchards, Tom tastes and describes seven deelicious fruit varieties: Eva’s Pride peach, Flavor Supreme Pluot®, Weeping Santa Rosa plum, Sugar Twist Pluerry™, Cot-N-Candy Aprium®, Moorpark apricot, Beauty plum, Bella Gold Peacotum™, and Desert Delight nectarine.


Zaiger fruit tour 2020
Zaiger Genetics Fruit Tour 2020
uploaded May 28, 2021
The Wednesday Zaiger experimental fruit tour: demo/evaluation of the latest new fruit variety candidates — Disneyland for commercial fruit growers. Tom interviews seven DWN field reps and managers taking the tour. Join us in rooting for the future selection of the 24-Brix super-tasty August interspecific apricot.


Planting Container Blueberries
How to Plant Container Blueberries for Small Spaces
uploaded November 2, 2020
Tom Spellman and Phil Pursel demonstrate how to create a fertile, acidic, fast-draining potting mix for berries — plus how to plant, step by step. Examples shown are two blueberries in one pot and a Baby Cakes® compact blackberry.


Jujubes for Home Garden
Jujubes For the Home Garden
uploaded October 14, 2020
Tom reviews seven jujube varieties in the DWN orchard and inspects this year’s nursery row trees (fruiting already!)


Selecting Blueberries and other Bush Berries
Selecting Blueberries, Blackberries and other Bush Fruits
uploaded September 9, 2020
Prune (head back) after harvest to promote a new flush of growth that will bear next year’s crop; do not winter prune. If new to fruit growing and/or have a patio only, start with blueberries and compact-growing blackberry and raspberry varieties. Discussion of berry potting soil needs and how to create your own ideal mix. Important tip for greatly enhanced production.


DWN Summer Fruit Tour 2020
Summer Fruit Tour 2020
uploaded August 24, 2020
In the DWN budwood orchards, Tom previews three new Zaiger miniatures for 2021, including Arctic Sprite miniature white nectarine. Tom also checks on some of his other favorite mid-August fruits: Geo Pride Pluot®, Kaweah peach, and Candy Heart Pluerry™.


Spring 2020 in Demo Orchard
Spring 2020 in the Demo Orchard
uploaded May 7, 2020
Tom muses on gardening during the pandemic, shows how to diagnose hail damage, and demonstrates the important practice of fruit thinning.


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