Pink Lady® (Cripps Pink cv.)

Maturity Date:October 15 to October 30
Chilling Hours:Low
Sold Out Of State:Available Upon Request
Container Type:Bare Root

When the Western Australian Department of Agriculture crossed Golden Delicious with Lady Williams in 1979, two top-quality apple varieties were produced: Pink Lady® and Sundowner®. Pink Lady® matures later than most varieties, mid to late October in California’s San Joaquin Valley. In locations with shorter growing seasons such as central Pennsylvania, it is harvested while still immature as late as the first week of November. Full flavor is developed after about four weeks in storage and the storage life is long. The hallmark of Pink Lady® is an attractive pink blush over a yellow undertone. The fruit often displays ribbing or a bumpy skin, but remains appealing to consumers even so. Medium to large-sized and oblong, the fruit has a crisp texture and dense, cream-colored flesh. The flavor is tart-sweet with an excellent sugar to acid balance. The tree is vigorous with large leaves. Pink Lady® has a low chilling requirement and high vigor; it can be grown in a range of sites, including warm climates and weak soils, but is susceptible to fire blight, apple scab and mildew. A pollenizer is recommended for maximum productivity.

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