Sundowner® (Cripps II cv.)

Maturity Date:October 15 to October 30
Chilling Hours:400
Sold Out Of State:Available Upon Request
Container Type:Bare Root

Sundowner®, sometimes referred to as Cripps Red or Cripps II, is the lesser-known sibling of Pink Lady® developed in 1979 by the Western Australia Department of Agriculture. A warm-climate apple that needs long hot summers to ripen, it also has a low-chill requirement, so it can tolerate winters where temperatures are rarely below freezing. It matures very late - after Pink Lady®. Sundowner® lacks the distinctive pink blush of Pink Lady®, but displays a classically appealing crimson skin with a green undertone. The medium-sized fruit has a very firm, crisp texture and fine-grained flesh with superb flavor. The tree is moderately vigorous and exhibits a spreading growth habit. This variety is very productive and precocious, requiring early, heavy thinning to size the fruit. A pollenizer is recommended for maximum productivity.

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