Maturity Date:September 18 to October 3
Chilling Hours:700
Sold Out Of State:Available Upon Request
Container Type:Bare Root

Sexton is a new walnut variety characterized by very high yields on young trees and a mid-season harvest time. The Sexton walnut leafs out and harvests at least a week ahead of Chandler, but has low blight scores and is 100% fruitful on laterals with abundant male and female flowers. The Sexton nuts are relatively smooth and round with good seals and good strength. The large (8 gram) kernels are light colored, easy to remove from the shell and make up more than 50% of the nut weight. The tree has a densely-branching canopy that requires training and pruning when young to prevent overbearing. Potential pollenizers for Sexton are Tulare and Chandler. (U.S. Plant Patent No. 16496)

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