• Often a preferred option for fitting in the most fruit trees.

  • Plant along a fence, create a border or block an unwanted view.

  • Many varieties and successive ripening are the payoff for you and your family.

Planting an Apple Fence

Our apple trees have been in the ground almost a year. We planted 14 trees, all on M-111 rootstock: 2 Pink Ladys (one on each end), 3 Dorsett Goldens, 3 Annas, 3 Pettingills, and 3 Fujis. Thank you for all of your help and advice. — Erick and Kathy Lewis

Before and after.

photos courtesy of Erick and Kathy Lewis

Holes for two trees each; string for alignment.

photo courtesy of Erick and Kathy Lewis

Showing the template for the planting angle.

photo courtesy of Erick and Kathy Lewis

photo courtesy of Erick and Kathy Lewis

photo courtesy of Erick and Kathy Lewis

photo courtesy of Erick and Kathy Lewis

Mature hedgerow

One of our 5 peach trees is caught close up in this shot of most of our 22 trees that we have planted in a hedgerow along the east border of our lot here in Independence, CA. The mountain in the distance is Mt. Williamson, the 2nd highest peak in California and the Sierra Nevada. These trees were planted in 2001, so they had grown for 8 seasons when this photo was taken in March of 2009. — Paul Fretheim —

photo courtesy of Paul Fretheim

Hey! Fruit Trees in Nebraska!

photo courtesy of Mark in Nebraska

I wanted to plant a lot of fruit trees, but I only have one place in my yard for them. They are very easy to care for due to their small size, and the fruit is awesome! Trees are on 4 foot centers and kept to a height of 5 feet. Now I can have many different fruits from just 3 trees. I plan on adding cherries and apples in the future. — Emmett in Idaho —

Left to right: 3n1 (apricot, peach, white peach), peach, 3n1 (plum, nectarine, peach). Photo courtesy of Emmett in Idaho

photo courtesy of Christie Colla

DWN photo

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