• Plant two or more in one hole

  • Make the best use of limited space

  • A great way to combine the need for a pollinator with the desire for many fruit varieties

see some simple line illustrations of Planting Patterns for Multiple Trees in One Hole.

photo courtesy of Mark in Nebraska

photo courtesy of Mark in Nebraska

I did the multiple planting because I don't want too many pears at one time and I wanted to taste the different varieties. From left to right, they are 20th Century, Hosui, Shinseiki, and Shinko. The photo was taken in the Spring and all bore fruit that year, with the Hosui being the most prolific (it's one year older). I also made certain that I had a pollenizer (the Shinseiki). I intend to keep the trees pruned low to allow for easy picking. — Stan Plog —

photo courtesy of Stan Plog

photo courtesy of Dean Yoshizumi

photo courtesy of j cooper

photo courtesy of Shelly Wardrop

DWN photo - Tom Spellman

DWN photo - Ed Laivo

DWN photo - Ed Laivo

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