Protect Your Fruit Trees

From Late Heavy Rains, Late Frosts, And Sunburn

Sunburn can be a concern on newly planted trees, especially in the climates of the southwestern U.S. An interior white latex, diluted 50% with water, can help protect your tree from this problem. Paint your newly-planted tree from the ground all the way to the top.

Try covering your tree to protect your precious blossoms.

There are lightweight fabrics that can be put on top of your tree as a bonnet or umbrella to protect tender fruit buds, blossoms and fruit from late heavy rains and frosts.

Put the fabric over the top of the tree like a cap and let air flow freely underneath or cover the tree entirely to the ground. Tie down the four corners and elsewhere as needed.

It works best if you have kept your tree at a reasonable height: 6 to 8 feet (see What Is Backyard Orchard Culture?).

Try it and see if you don't have better results with those marginal-cropping fruits.

The material should be somewhat heavier than the lightest row crop covers so it doesn’t tear easily and may be used for several seasons. These materials are sold by retail nurseries and garden supply companies as "frost cloth", "garden fabric", etc.

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