Edible Ornamentals

Decades ago there was a distinct line of demarcation between Grandmother’s cottage-style flower garden and Grandpa’s “family orchard” hidden behind a fence in the far reaches of the yard. Today, savvy gardeners are showcasing stunning persimmon trees in the middle of the rose garden or placing apple trees on the front fence in beautiful espalier form. At Dave Wilson Nursery we so love the marriage of fashion and function that we have placed our favorites in a select group, and we call them “Edible Ornamentals.”

Edible Ornamentals: Fashion & Function

Beautiful Leaf Color and/or Fall Color

Reveille Blueberry

Fashion: Beautiful blooms and fall color: pale pink flowers in spring and brilliant orange-red fall foliage.

Function: Heavy crops of richly flavored, sweet berries with a crunchy texture in the month of June. Use as an accent or short-to-medium hedge.

Sunshine Blue Blueberry

Fashion: Container-compatible semi-dwarf shrub with evergreen foliage and showy hot pink spring flowers that fade to white.

Function: Self-fruitful bush yields firm, sweet berries from late June into July. Use as an accent or short-to-medium hedge.

Spice Zee Nectaplum®

Fashion: Tremendous March bloom followed by dark red leaves in the spring that turn to a rich green-red in late summer.

Function: Full-flavored white nectarines ripen in late summer; self-fruitful and very productive. Use as an accent or an angular shade tree.

Hollywood Plum

Fashion: Uniquely-colored leaves (green on top, red underneath); delicate light pink flowers in early spring.

Function: Medium-sized, tasty red plums in late June to early July. Used as an accent tree.

Fuyu Persimmon

Fashion: Striking orange-red fall color and beautiful limb structure offering an eye-catching winter silhouette.

Function: Self-fruitful tree bearing firm, delicious fruit in fall; adaptable to cool or hot climates with low chill hours. Use as an accent or an angular screen tree.


Necta Zee Nectarine

Fashion: Naturally dwarf tree growing to 6 feet only; beautiful bloom in early spring.

Function: Self-fruitful, sweet and flavorful freestone nectarine with red skin in June and July. Use as an accent in place of shrubs or a hedge.

Pix Zee Peach

Fashion: Blooms abound in spring; early summer fruit has beautiful red and orange skin.

Function: Large, delicious, firm, yellow freestone peach in early summer; self-fruitful; grows only to 6 feet with no pruning. Use as an accent in place of shrubs or hedge.

Garden Delicious Apple

Fashion: Naturally dwarf tree can be trained on a fence in espalier form; attractive greenish-yellow fruit with red blush.

Function: September fruit that is sweet and crisp; a good dessert or cooking apple; self-fruitful and adaptable to hot climates. Use as an accent in place of shrubs or hedge.

Screening Plants

Black Mission Fig

Fashion: Large tree with massive, dark leaves create interesting background foliage; Lovely in espalier form.

Function: Excellent windbreak or sound barrier; dark purple-skinned fruit in early summer and fall; rich flavor; self-fruitful, heavy bearing, long-lived, adaptable to coast or inland. Use to block views as a screen or angular shade.

Wonderful Pomegranate

Fashion: Flashy orange-red bloom in late spring gives way to purple-red fall fruit useful for Thanksgiving centerpieces; attractive green foliage.

Function: Impervious barrier that is tough against strong wind; this long-lasting fall fruit can be eaten fresh, juiced or preserved in jams or jellies; self-fruitful tree lives many years.

Li Jujubee

Fashion: An exotic contorted form with delicate foliage that is dense enough to provide moderate wind reduction.

Function: Very hardy ornamental that gives a thorny barrier and produces a delightful, sweet fruit that can be eaten fresh and crunchy in the fall or dried like a date. Use Li Jujubee as an angular shade or to block a view.

Spring Flowering Selections

Double Delight Nectarine

Fashion: Sprays of magnificent double pink flowers in early spring.

Function: Intensely-flavored freestone yellow nectarine maturing in early July; tolerant of warm climates. Use as an accent tree - grows to 18 feet.

Red Baron Peach

Fashion: Long-lasting dark red double flowers in early spring

Function: Large, juicy, firm yellow freestone fruit in mid-July; self-fruitful with a low chilling requirement. Use as an accent tree - grows to 18 feet.

Shiro Plum

Fashion: Beautiful spires of flowers followed by luminescent yellow fruit in late spring.

Function: Mildly sweet fruit in late June and early July; self-fruitful and reliable. Use Shiro as an accent tree - grows to 18 feet. Low maintenance.

Splash Pluot®

Fashion: Beautiful spring bloom followed by heart-shaped multicolored fruit (orange, yellow and red) in July

Function: Very sweet orange-fleshed fruit that is excellent eaten fresh, dried or in desserts; pollenized by Santa Rosa plum. Splash Pluot® gives a changing display of color through spring into early summer.

Shade Trees

Harcot Apricot

Fashion: Spreading canopy offers beautiful bright red spring growth and summer shade.

Function: Easy-care, self fertile variety that is frost hardy and resists disease; juicy, rich-tasting fruit during the month of June. Use instead of shade tree - grows to 20 feet.

Pakistan Mulberry

Fashion: Excellent shade tree that attracts birds with profuse fruit clusters

Function: Non-staining fruit up to three inches long in early summer; delicious fresh, baked in pies or preserved in jams or jellies. Use instead of shade tree, but not over walks or patios because of fruit-drop.

Chandler Walnut

Fashion: Upward-angled branches create a lovely canopy from early spring through fall; leaves are made up of 5-7 short leaflets which create a pleasing texture.

Function: Self-fruitful, fast-growing massive shade tree producing top-quality walnuts in late September.

Western Schley Pecan

Fashion: Fine-textured foliage creates an inviting canopy of filtered shade.

Function: Self-fruitful hardy tree will bear long, tapered, thin-shelled nuts in November. Use as large shade tree - grows to 70 feet.

Trees With Great Structure

Lapins Cherry

Fashion: Formal upright structure with luscious dark red fruit on Memorial Day.

Function: Self-fruitful, low chill variety with good adaptability to many climates and soils. Use to accent entries or driveways. Great choice for an espalier.

Craig's Crimson Cherry

Fashion: Florist-quality blossoms in early spring on a naturally-dwarfing tree.

Function: Self-fruitful tree yields firm, sweet cherries in late spring. Use Craig's Crimson to accent formal points in the landscape.

Blake's Pride Pear

Fashion: Well-structured tree that can be pruned to a formal upright form or displayed as an espalier.

Function: Better disease resistance than classic pear varieties; late August fruit with a rich, aromatic taste.

Warren Plum

Fashion: Stately accent tree with delicate but profuse spring flowers.

Function: Disease resistant tree; August fruit with smooth texture and superb pear flavor. Use to define points in a landscape or as an espalier to block unwanted views.

Weeping Santa Rosa Plum

Fashion: Cascading growth habit with delicate white flowers in late February that blossom for two weeks.

Function: Self-fruitful tree produces the renowned aromatic Santa Rosa plum in early July. Wonderful as an accent tree or a quick espalier.

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