Grow Notes - June

For Home Orchards

Nothing beats a fence when deer are a problem. Avoid the expense of having to fence a large area for fruit tree success. Four T-posts and 30 ft. of 6 ft. fencing wire will build an enclosure for a multi-planting of three or four trees. Creating small enclosures discourages deer from even attempting to jump, for they know the space needed to land is not there. 7 ½ ft. poly deer net allows pegging a foot of the net to the ground, keeping small varmints from crawling under the barrier.

Are your summers hot? Antioxidant-rich pomegranates love hot summer weather; in fact, heat is necessary to ripen the fruit of most varieties. This self-rooted fruiting plant tolerates a wide range of soils including heavy clay. It is drought tolerant, but, as with most food-bearing plants, prefers regular moisture to properly mature fruit. Once established, an annual application of phosphorus and trace minerals may be beneficial. Pests and disease are rare occurrences, though excessive rain during ripening might cause the fruit to split.


Keep Deer Out!
Fruit & Nut Catalog: Pomegranates

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