How To Build A Raised Bed

Here are the Tools You'll Need:

— A saw

— The expensive drill you've always wanted

— Enough 1-1/2" screws for several projects

— Corner brackets (or braces)

— Measuring tool

Next, you need any material that will contain soil 12 to 15 inches above ground level.

Here you see 2"x 12" redwood cut to 3-foot lengths (we started with one 12' piece of lumber).

If you have a property full of rocks, you can be surpassingly creative...

Make a containment & put it where you want it

Don't worry about digging a hole, the roots will find their way down.

Plant your four favorite compatible fruit tree varieties in a box.

If you haven't already, be sure to read about Multi-Planting Strategies and The Art of Successive Ripening in the Backyard Orchard Culture section.

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