Fruit and Nut Harvest Chart

Plan for an extended fruit season!

Download Chart of Fruit & Nut Harvest Dates

Download Chart of Potted Fruit Harvest Dates

For a copy of the printed versions ask your Local Retailer!!!

OR...For each Harvest Chart,
send a check for $5.00
plus a self-addressed 8-1/2" x 11" envelope
with postage on it -- $1.42 per chart and $1.00 per booklet:
c/o Kristin Camarena @ Dave Wilson Nursery
PO Box 429
Hickman, CA 95323
Phone: 209-874-1821 Fax: 209-874-2274

Also available from DWN is the
Variety & Rootstock Description Book
(measures 4 1/4" x 11"):
$5.00 plus SASE with $1.00 postage per booklet
sample pages

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