Blueberries in Containers

Growing blueberries in the ground can be difficult. For quick and easy results, containerize them!

Dave Wilson Nursery recommends this method for growing blueberries in the home garden. In order to thrive, Blueberries require low pH and actively decomposing soil. Just follow these simple steps and you can harvest handfuls of super-sweet berries from your own container-grown blueberry plant.

Step 1:

Soil Mix. For healthy, vigorous plants mix the following:

  • 1/3 1/4" pathway bark

  • 1/3 peat moss

  • 1/3 forest-byproduct-based potting soil (azalea mix or acid plant mix)

  • 1 handful of soil sulfur per plant

Step 2:

Plant. Choose a container size to suit your plant.

  • Start all 4 inch to 1 gallon plants in 2 to 5 gallon containers.

  • For established 2 to 5 gallon plants, choose a 16 to 20 inch container.

  • Fill the bottom of your container with the soil mix and pack down.

  • Place the blueberry and continue to fill around root with the soil mix.

Step 3:

Water & Fertilize. Don't let the container dry out.

  • Never use fertilizer with nitrogen in nitrate form!! It can kill roots.

  • Blueberries love full sun.

  • Fertilize with an acid-based fertilizer once a month during the growing season.

Best of Health to You!

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