Three New Zaiger Miniatures for 2021!

In the world of home fruit growing, there is nothing like the Zaiger naturally dwarfed miniature peaches and nectarines for an easy-to-grow tree form - and spectacular spring bloom - and delicious tree-ripe peaches and nectarines! For the 2021 delivery season, three new miniatures, all bearing especially tasty, top quality fruit, will be available in limited quantities: Sol Dorado miniature yellow nectarine, Snow Babe miniature white peach (a peach-plum hybrid, actually), and Arctic Sprite miniature white nectarine. Harvest times at Hickman, CA, are early July, late July, and early August respectively - an ideal successive ripening sequence. All are self-fruitful. In the DWN orchard, all have set good crops consistently, after chilling of as little as 450 hours.

Sol Dorado Miniature Nectarine

Snow Babe Miniature White Peach

Arctic Sprite Miniature White Nectarine

Summer Fruit Tour 2020 video: Tom Spellman previews the three new miniatures

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