The Secrets Behind Our Digging Process

Below is the February 2019 email newsletter sent to commercial growers.

Expert Advice, Careful Planning: The Secrets Behind Our Digging Process

It takes time to grow the hardy, thriving trees that Dave Wilson Nursery is known for. In January, we dug trees from our rich soil and prepared them for your orchards. Here’s how we make sure every tree is healthy and hearty coming out of the growing process.

We don’t rush. Our almond trees are ready for digging at just over one year old. All of our trees are planted in rich ground in Hickman, so we can dig even if it rains, but we are careful about our methods and our timing. Dave Wilson Nursery trees are known for their healthy, established root systems. We achieve great results through a careful extraction process that is designed to give your trees the best start possible with an extensive root system.

We dig with the best. Our experienced dig crew uses GK Machines that have been modified specifically for the needs of Dave Wilson Nursery. As each tree is removed from the earth, the machine gently shakes the soil from its roots so it is lighter and easier for our crews to transport.

Sorting starts in the field. Our extensive sorting process starts the moment the tree is pulled from the soil. Our first round of inspection takes place on the spot, right in the field. If it makes the grade, it moves to the sorting barn.

Time is of the essence. We move quickly in the sorting barn: Our goal is to make sure the root system doesn’t dry out due to wind or sun. We use a specially designed sprinkler system in the barn to keep roots moist and healthy while sorting trees by size. Once sorted, the tree is bundled and staged for allocation. The entire process, from digging to sorting and bundling, takes less than a day.

Ready to grow. Next, we take one of three steps to prepare the trees for your orchard. If your orchard is immediately ready for the trees, we’ll load them straight on our trailer and get them to you as soon as possible.  If the trees are to be planted within a few weeks, they are replanted in our fumigated heeling-in grounds' rich, sandy soil that drains well. If your land isn’t quite ready, we can house the trees in cold storage as they await delivery. You’ll work with one of our experienced grower reps every step of the way to ensure perfect delivery timing.

Perfect timing. Our expert reps work with growers to make sure trees are in the ground before the weather warms and trees start budding.

If you’re new to Dave Wilson Nursery or just want to learn more about how the process works, give us a call! We’ll visit with you personally and explain each step in detail and offer replanting and pruning suggestions to make the most of your new investment. In the meantime, you can dig deeper into the topic with our free Planting Guide.

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