Best Fresh Fruit in the World?

The most delectable, tree-ripened fresh fruit available to buy is often locally grown and found at fruit stands and farmers' markets. Fruit lovers who know how wonderfully flavorful fresh-picked tree-ripe fruit can be will drive many miles to bring home the best growers' selections. For backyard fruit growers, variety research often starts at a local fruit stand or farmers' market.

Dave Wilson Nursery’s Tom Spellman recently visited the orchards and produce stand of one of the best fresh fruit growers anywhere, long-time DWN customer Cipponeri Family Farms, located in the Hughson-Turlock area of California. Watch the video.

Idea: explore your local fruit stands and farmers markets to stock up for a weekend fruit party! Tip: especially if you have never experienced one, prepare a midsummer tree-ripened fresh fruit bowl (or individual servings) for immediate consumption. Mix chunks of peach, nectarine and Pluot®(plus Asian pear?) - some yellow flesh, some white, some with sugar-acid balance, some sub-acid sweets, some firm, some soft - bite after bite: an amazing, palate-teasing, unforgettable experience -guaranteed!

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