Video - the DWN Budding Process

Dave Wilson Nursery is known for propagating a great many varieties of the most popular fruit and nut types onto selected alternate rootstocks, offering an unusually wide selection of fruit and nut trees suited to many different climates and soil types.  The DWN budding process begins with healthily growing, well-hydrated rootstock and carefully selected budwood, using only the best mature buds from each bud stick. Among the many carefully-timed hand steps expertly performed on each tree are budding, tying, cutting back to the bud and staking with grow-straights. The new short video “Our Budding Process”, includes scenes of the June-budding method (T-budding done in May or June) as used for producing high quality one-year planting stock of Prunus species such as almond and peach. For more information about fruit and nut varieties and rootstocks for commercial orchards, see the Product Information or contact Commercial Sales.


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