The DWN Taste Test Winners

The Taste Test Winner designation, based on Overall Scores at Dave Wilson Nursery Fruit Tastings, is earned by the Top 20 Varieties (all-time highest scores), varieties with the all-time highest score for their fruit type, and by varieties testing 6.5 or higher in two or more years. These varieties, constituting approximately 19% of home garden varieties, are the best of the best, all home garden varieties having been selected for flavor and overall eating quality. Note that many varieties have not yet been formally taste-tested.

Pollination Code: SF=Self-fruitful; PSF=Partly Self-fruitful; PR=Pollenizer Required

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Fruit TypeVarietyBriefPoll. CodeUSDA ZonesChill Req.First Harvest
AppleHoneycrispRich, aromatic flavor and crisp texture. Winter hardy tree, early harvest.PR3-8800-1,000August 3
ApplePink Lady®Crisp, sweet-tart, distinct flavor, keeps well. Very late season. Adapted to hot climates.SF6-9300-400October 15
AppleRed FujiRedder skin than Fuji. Sweet, very crisp and flavorful, excellent keeper.SF5-9400-500September 25
ApricotBlenheim (Royal)Sweet, aromatic, flavorful, all-purpose freestone.SF7-9400 or fewerJune 25
Aprium® InterspecificCot-N-CandyWhite-fleshed apricot-plum hybrid. Very sweet, highly flavored.SF7-10400 or fewerJune 15
Aprium® InterspecificFlavor DelightRichly flavored, one of the best early season stone fruits.SF6-10less than 300June 3
Asian PearHosuiHighest-rated Asian pear at DWN. Juicy, sweet flavor, crisp like an apple.PR5-10300-400August 1
CherryBingMost popular cherry. Firm, juicy, sweet, superb flavor.PR5-9700May 22
CherryCraig's CrimsonVery firm, with wonderful, spicy flavor. Natural semi-dwarf tree.SF5-9500-600May 12
CherryRoyal RainierYellow blushed red. Consistently excellent flavor.PR5-9500May 18
CherryUtah GiantFavorite sweet cherry in Utah. Larger, firmer, more flavorful than Bing.PR5-9800May 20
CherryVanVery cold hardy and heavy bearing. Fine fruit similar to Bing.PR4-9700May 26
FigPanacheGreen with yellow stripes, dark red pulp. Especially fine flavor.SF8-9100August 10
NectarineArctic GloSprightly-sweet with balanced sugar and acid and very appealing flavor.SF6-9400-500June 22
NectarineArctic JayFirm, freestone, balanced acid and sugar, rich flavor - one of the best DWN fruits.SF6-9500 or fewerJuly 10
NectarineArctic QueenCrunchy, super-sweet, delicious. Similar to Arctic Rose, ripening 3-4 weeks later.SF6-9600-700August 6
NectarineArctic RoseRich flavor and crunchy texture when firm-ripe, extremely sweet when fully ripe.SF6-9600-700July 10
NectarineArctic StarTaste test winner for the early season: low-acid, super-sweet semi-freestone.SF7-10300June 8
NectarineDouble DelightA top-rated edible ornamental: magnificent double pink flowers and superb, richly flavored fruit.SF6b-10300July 3
NectarineFantasiaPopular, large yellow freestone. Tangy when firm-ripe, sweet with rich flavor when soft-ripe.SF6-9500 or fewerJuly 24
NectarineFlavortopLarge, firm, yellow freestone, one of the best. Large showy blossoms.SF6-9650July 12
NectarineHarkoHigh-flavored, cold hardy Canadian variety. Large, showy blossoms.SF5-9800July 1
NectarineHeavenly WhiteSensational fruit: very large, freestone, with superb, rich, complex, balanced flavor.SF6-9650July 13
NectarineHoney KistHome garden selection of Zaiger low-acid yellow nectarine. Very sweet flavor, no tartness.SF6-9500June 28
NectarineIndependenceBright red skin, firm yellow freestone. Rich nectarine flavor, tangy and sweet.SF5-9700June 26
NectarineJunegloCold hardy, yellow semi-freestone. Strong nectarine flavor.SF5-9700June 18
NectarineLiz's LateSprightly-sweet, intense spicy flavor, one of the best.SF6-9600-700August 25
NectarineMericrestVery cold hardy, frost hardy, late bloom. Rich, tangy flavor, highly recommended.SF5-9800July 8
NectarineSnow QueenSweet, juicy, early season taste test winner. Long-time favorite in So. Cal.SF8-10250-300June 18
NectarineZee GloBeautiful dark red skin. Classic, zesty nectarine flavor. Showy pink blossoms.SF6-9600-700August 5
PeachDonut (Stark Saturn)Uniquely-shaped "flat" peach. Sweet, mild, almond-like flavor.SF5-10200-300June 25
PeachEva's PrideDelicious early season freestone for all warm-winter and moderate peach climates.SF9-10100-200June 22
PeachFlordakingLarge, firm, flavorful semi-freestone, very sweet when fully ripe.SF8-9450 or fewerMay 19
PeachFortyninerLarge yellow freestone, excellent flavor and dessert quality.SF6-9700July 18
PeachGold DustVery nice flavor, the best early season yellow peach. Not an early bloomer.SF6-9550June 8
PeachHalehavenSweet, low-acid, all-purpose yellow freestone, excellent flavor. Cold hardy.SF5-9900June 11
PeachHarkenRed-skinned, sweet and flavorful, all-purpose yellow freestone. From Canada.SF5-9800July 2
PeachIndian FreeHighly aromatic crimson-and-cream-fleshed freestone. Rich, distinctive flavor like no other. Resists leaf curl.PR5-9700August 25
PeachJuly (Kim) ElbertaJuicy, sweet, very flavorful, all-purpose yellow freestone.SF5-9400-500July 11
PeachJune GoldLarge, firm, red-skinned, yellow freestone. Frost hardy, showy blossoms. Texas favorite.SF6-9600June 20
PeachLoringLarge yellow freestone, excellent flavor and texture, low acid.SF6-9750July 14
PeachKaweahA DWN late season favorite. Delicious, balanced, true peach flavor. Showy bloom.SFFewer than 500August 8
PeachMid-PrideBest yellow freestone for many warm-winter climates. Exceptional flavor.SF9-10250July 8
PeachO'HenryPopular fresh market yellow freestone. Superb flavor, excellent home orchard peach.SF5-9750August 11
PeachSnow BeautyOne of the all-time highest-scoring fruits at DWN. Low acid, high sugar, tantalizing flavor.SF6-9750-850July 5
PeachSugar MayThe sweetest peach of its season. Very juicy, fine flavor. Attractive red skin.SF6-9600-700June 10
PeachSuncrestVery firm, fine-flavored, yellow freestone. Bright red skin over yellow. Frost hardy.SF5-9500July 10
PeachArctic SupremeTwo-time taste test winner. Large, firm, nearly freestone. Sweet and tangy, fine delicate flavor.SF6-9700July 20
PearSeckelSweet, flavorful, aromatic, spicy, perhaps the best. Russeted brown skin. Resists fire blight.SF6-9500August 10
Pluerry™ InterspecificCandy HeartSkin dark speckled red; flesh amber/red and very sweet, with wonderful unique flavor. High taste test scores.PRTBD500-600July 28
PlumCatalinaBlack-skinned fresh market favorite. Sweet and juicy, firm when fully ripe. Very little tartness.SF6-9300-400July 20
PlumEmerald BeautLight green to greenish yellow ripe fruit holds on tree, becoming exceptionally sweet while remaining firm and crunchy.PR6-9600-700August 18
PlumLarodaDark purple skin. Juicy, richly-flavored red and amber flesh. Prolonged harvest.PR6-9400July 28
PlumWeeping Santa RosaExceptionally flavorful, aromatic, Santa Rosa-type fruit. Beautiful and versatile weeping tree form.SF6-10200-400June 30
Pluot® InterspecificFlavor KingIncomparable bouquet and spicy-sweet flavor. Reddish-purple skin, crimson flesh.PR6-10400 or fewerAugust 11
Pluot® InterspecificFlavor FinalePurplish-red skin, amber-red flesh. Wonderful, special, complex flavor. Very late.PR6-9500September 12
Pluot® InterspecificFlavor QueenSweet, candy-like, palate-pleasing flavor. Greenish-yellow skin, amber-orange flesh.PR6-9400-500July 27
Pluot® InterspecificFlavor SupremeGreenish-maroon mottled skin. Sweet, richly flavored, firm red flesh.PR6-9700-800June 16
Pluot® InterspecificGeo PrideRed-skin, yellow flesh. Balanced acid and sugar early, then very sweet. Heavy producer.PR6-10400 or fewerJuly 14
Pluot® InterspecificSplashSmall to medium size, red-orange skin, very sweet orange flesh. Taste test favorite.PR6-10400 or fewerJuly 10
Pluot® InterspecificEmerald DropGreen skin, yellow orange flesh. Sweet, firm-ripe fruit holds on tree, continuing to sweeten.PR6-10400 or fewerJuly 17
Pluot® InterspecificDapple DandyDistinctive, multi-colored dappled skin. Creamy white and red freestone flesh. Taste test favorite.PR6-9400-500August 5
Pluot® InterspecificFlavor GrenadeElongated green fruit blushed red. Crisp texture, explosive flavor. Prolonged harvest.PR6-10300-400August 30

Edible Ornamental: varieties having both tasty fruit and especially attractive tree, foliage, bloom or long-hanging fruit characteristics.

Taste Test Winner: varieties that have made the highest overall scores at Dave Wilson Nursery fruit tastings. Note that many varieties have not yet been tested.

DWN Top 100: the 100 best-selling DWN fruit varieties for retail nurseries, including many of the most well-proven varieties.

Zaiger Variety: developed by Zaiger's Inc. Genetics of Modesto, California. Dave Wilson Nursery is the exclusive U.S. licensor and primary propagator.

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